Sunset Secret

Sunset, sunset
What would you tell to the world
Sunset, and the unspoken world within
Are you being secretive?
How could you possibly console restless mind?
Sunset, oh my dear sunset
On the medium-speed train when my eyes were deceived,
By an excellent figure, gleaming eyes of someone.
Then I found rapture in his ordinary words
Having been drawn into your comforting tone of voice
Sunset exudes boundless love
You let me watch the days pass by,
You let me relive sublime moments,
Forgetting the crowd around
Then you and I were mesmeric.
What a beauty you possess!
Had my eyes been deceived once more?
or was it my mind reliving moments?
Perhaps, my heart was then planted by hopes
Sunset, my beautiful sphere!
Never has your beauty deceived me
Neither have the gleaming eyes, which were close to mine.
For it was I who was on a joyful state of mind planted by hopes,
All by myself
June 15th, 2008 – reliving moments

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