Four Men Loved a Woman

A Short Story By Lulu A. October 26th, 2007

Three musketeers sat on a wooden bench. Picking up some lines for a princess of their dreams. Having won the battle on a very far away land. The three musketeers were hopelessly seeking for the rose of their dreams.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSwords being covered by blood, yet the blood was indeed the blood of glory. They now brought freedom for their kingdom had been in a great suffer. To save the kingdom was what they were born to.To guard the entrance of the kingdom was what they were demanded to.To protect the king and queen was what they were pledged to for the king was their pride and ay the queen was the beauty of their kingdom. To stand against enemies was what they lived for. Until later, the kingdom was saved, the entrance was free, the king and queen were no longer in danger. Then, they were allowed to seek the rose of their hearts.

Three musketeers sat on an old wooden bench. Buckets of floweres were in their hands. Picking up some best lines for one rose should only be for one. Play fairly as they were born as Knights.Indeed, picking up some lines were the hardest battle ever. Neither would they give their blood nor soul for soul belonged to God only, yet it was the best lines to own the rose of the heart.

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Ay, there, the princess came. Wearing a gown of goddess. The gown that shall never be worn by any for the gown was only for the one who owns a heart as pure as waterfall on the top of the most magnificent mountain. Riding a horse as white as snow in the coldest winter. The horse which shall not be ridden by any for the horse was only for the one who owns the touch of an angel with thousands of sparkling wings. Singing melodious greetings was what the princess did to honor the Knights for they time that had been given.

“Dear my Knights. Forgive me for my being late as I had other promises to make.” what a cursty she had made!

Oh dear my princess, never shall you say sorry for we were still in a great luck to meet you.” Bowing gently as they were saying this.

“Dear my Knights who just brought glory to our kingdom. Never shall I waste your time for you must be waited by the king.”

“My beloved princess, I came here to offer you a house and a land of your dreams. The house in which only you hold the key. The land in which you may build your fantasy and it shall be my command to make it come true.My beloved one, your wishes are my command. Please allow me to own your heart.” First Knight got his best lines.

“Oh, dear the princess who owns the face of a goddess. I came here to give you my love. Then I shall dedicate my life and work to you as you deserve to own the best things the world could offer.Please do think of me to be your man.” Second Knight did his battle

The youngest yet the most handsome Knight came with hopeless face “Oh my dear, the one who owns my heart, the one who is there on my mind even when I am in the battle to save our kingdom.I came here to offer you myself as I could not pick the best lines to say. My words, even the words of the most famous poets will never win your heart as I have yet to know the secret of your heart Yet allow me to learn more and be with you through bad and good times.”

The night had come. For another three days they shall meet again as the princess needed the time to choose. “Never shall you fight among others for whatever answer I will give.Three days later, here, shall we meet. Until later, you are all my Knights.”

Now, the wooden bench was cold as they were all gone away. The moon peeped behind the clouds accompany the Knights went to the palace to see their king.

Ay, three days were short. The Knights were no longer waiting. That was the time to know whether or not they won the heart.

Three musketeers sat on the old same wooden bench. Wearing their best costumes and bringing the most beautiful flowers picked in the highest mountain. There came the princess, still like a goddess.

“Dear my princess. We shall be ready for whatever you say.” Bowing gently as they were handing the flowers to the rose of their dreams.

“Dear my Knights, my heroes. I shall say thank you for the best lines you had offered. You are all indeed the most talented poets. Neither shall I feel sad nor mad for your best lines had indeed made me be the happiest person. Thank you for the house and land you would like to give, for the life and work you would dedicate to me, the desired and willingness to be with me in bad and good times. Any women shall be happy to be the one who owns you and even only to hear your best lines. Yet, my Knights, I feel sad and wonder as neither three of you ever said my name. The name given by my parents. The name I liked and I would be happy if ever you had decided to put it in your best lines. I am Lillac, that’s the secret of my heart. “

“Oh dear my princess, forgive us for being ignorant for we only knew your kindness and not your name. For we only knew your beauty yet not your name. For we only knew your melodious voice yet not your name.”

Dear my Knights, you are all my Knights, yet I have saved my heart for another Knight in a far away land as he whispered my name. I shall be a person next to him. He has nothing to offer as you all have offered to me, yet I feel loved and to him I shall give my life.Forgive me and shall you are all be happy with anyone but me”

“Dear my princess, Lilac, I shall be thankful for your time. Indeed now I know your name.” First musketeer said.

Dear my Lilac, the other Knight shall be happy as you are Lillact, the kindness princess. Now I know your name, and I shall tell people about your name.” Second one said.

Dear Lillac, may you be happy as I will always love you. It was my unfortunate not to know your name.” the most handsome said

Now they were all gone and the bench was covered by snow. It had become colder. Lillac was the name. And it was the secret of her heart.

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The End

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWritten by Lu2Ar – trying to be a poet of old time – Inspired by an event, also inspired by The Commedy of Errors by William Shakespeare.

Photos are all taken from photobucket; ZeldaSD ( white horse)

I accept critics for a more qualified piece of story. Thank you- Lulu

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