9 Things I Miss About Travelling

It’s been some time ago since my last traveling. I haven’t planned any other travelings yet, but I hope soon. I am pleased with the kind of job I have been having for the last 7 years; my time is more flexible. Thus, I can actually plan traveling easily; only that sometimes I have no companies to travel with as my two best friends Renny and Dora are not into traveling; they are such movie goers. When I travel I find it much nicer when I have company(ies) to go to; I have friend(s) to share my thoughts with, to listen to, and to ask opinions to, therefore the trips won’t be bunches of dull trips. Isn’t that nice when you travel and you “debate” about anything while enjoying the scenery, the food, and all that jazz that excite you during your trip.

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Traveling always excites me, even it is only to nearby places, let alone further ones. How many of you here like traveling? raise your hands! share your experiences with me. So here I present you 9 things I miss about traveling;

1. I miss the feeling I have when packing ( making a list what I should bring, that’s just great. I usually pack at the last minute – my guily pleasure, hehee)

2. I miss taking bunches of photos about anything I find entertaining and interesting during my trip. ( Well, I can do this also here, not necessarily when traveling; but I have been living here in the sparkling city for more than 10 years; I don’t find anything new.)

3. I miss tasting the different kinds of food. Yummy!! ( I know this applies to your place/ country too; when you travel to one new area, there you might find the same kind of food from your own area; but sometimes the taste is different or they cook it in a different way, they probably have different names too.Culinary, love this)

4. I miss seeing new places, which I have never seen before, yet often heard of them. ( There are already some lists of great places I have often heard and seen on TV or magazines, yet haven’t been there yet.)

5. I miss staying in a cheap decent hotel. ( This might be one of my silliest secrets I share for you; when I stay in a hotel during my trip, I usually check the bathroom first. Then I check the tiny bottles they provide; for shampoo, soaps, etc if I like them, I bring them home ( what do you call that tiny bottles?)

6.I miss browsing souvenirs to bring home for family and friends. ( Even I’ve got to say that this is the most difficult thing; I tend to spend longer than I expect browsing for these, because I tend to think all are worth buying, hehehe, okay I know silly maybe.)

7. I miss spending my time on the train, or plane while listening to some songs I choose to listen to during my trip. ( I like all kinds of music ( exclude heavy metal or underground, please) but I usually choose jazzy kind of songs, or other easy listening songs.)

8. I miss discussing about cultures, especially different cultures with my travel friend(s). ( this could take the whole nights if I didn’t learn to seal my mouth, heheehe. I have lots of interests, but I give “Cultural Differences / Cross Cultural Understanding” discussion, the biggest portion. The top list of my interest!!

9. I miss being very tired after seeing new places, then throwing myself on a bed thinking of nothing, and falling asleep directly for some minutes.( zzzzz..!! even often I get up again, because I don’t feel comfortable wearing my t-shirt that I wear the whole day outside already.)

As you might realize, this is my lunchbreak mumbling!

Have a nice day all!


Today’s song ” Cintailah diriku untuk selamanya, hapuslah semua rasa curiga antara kita.” Indonesian song

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