Full Moon and I

Full Moon and I

(When It was full moon)

Last night, it was full moon outside. I was about to blog something about it, yet my eyes were red, my mind was frozen, I couldn’t seem to express my thoughts; I was too sleepy to blog.

Every time I see full moon, I recall some events in my life associate with it. You probably remember one of my blogs here about a shooting star. I once saw it somewhen in 1989. I was lying down on the grass of my parents’ garden in Semarang, Central Java. It was a break time after dinner. “Ah, istirahat dulu ah sebelum belajar” literally saying “ I need a break before I study.” Even though after the break, I chose to do something else instead of studying, hehehe. The sky, loaded with stars looked so bright that I wanted to sleep there on the grass. *blink blink blink* –

“Twinkle twinke litte stars, … or kupandang langit penuh bintang bertaburan ,..”

( okay theme songs for the day; children songs related to stars).

While humming a song, which I don’t manage to recall up to this time I am blogging, all of sudden, I saw a shooting star. “WOW”, I guess my jaw dropped at that time, . Sadly, I have never seen any since then. The shooting star had influenced my life for some times. I kept on singing the song(s) related to stars, drawing night scene with stars and yes, the shooting star. I remember seeing the moon as well that night, but I was way amazed by the shooting star I saw for the first time.

Okay, full moon meant nothing to me that day or the following years.

Let’s flash back, …

I was sitting on a bench in front of my parents’ house when it was full moon. It was incredibly big and beautiful. I ever read about the moon that said the more you close to …or in which country you live,.. ( hmm sort of things, I am not well-informed about this. I should search on the net then.) the bigger the moon will look. The look of the moon that night had influenced my drawings as a kindergarten student.

The moon, the moon and the moon

That day, full moon meant something. It was in 1985.

Okay, another quantum leap ( do you remember the series on TV years ago?)

Graduation day arrived! A week-farewell trip was settled; we all went to Bali Island. It was already around 1 A.M when our bus reached Bali. We passed the lane with bushy bushes on the right and left side. I didn’t sleep a wink that night; I can never sleep on night buses, I don’t know why. It seemed to me that everyone on the bus was asleep already, Zzzzzz well, not really sure though but I didn’t hear any voices, but only the voice of MLTR ( Michael Learns to Rock) singer(s) on the tape played on the bus that night. Here’s the song

How many hours and how many days, how many… ..”

( okay another today’s theme song by MLTR)

What was so special on this bus? The moonbeam! I was sitting next to the window, and the moonbeam gave an amazing light to the dark lane and inside the bus. “I wish I could take a picture of you.” I said to myself. Okay, it was in 1999 ( how many times have I said “okay” today??)

Since then, I have always wanted to be able to take good photographs of full moon. Sadly, I haven’t possessed an advanced camera, which enable me to take the photograph of full moon. This may sound simple, but really I hope to have bunches collection of full moon photos with different kind of settings. Until that day arrive, I shall be satisfied with the photos of full moon I have taken using my simple digital camera.

I only  copy paste this from my MS word to MP ( a.k.a Multiply). Until next time on my other blogs, I leave you with a theme song for the day, if you know the song, please sing along with me

“raindrops keep falling on my head…. but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red….”

Here’s a little poem

What beam makes my day so cheery?

Neither a fluorescent light nor the sun

Yet, the moonbeam on my nights

The nights when I blow my hopes

The nights when I feel secure

Above all the nights when I know I am alive

@copyright Lu2Ar, April 24th, 2008

“ When I thought of you and moonbeam”

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